Announcing Our New Partnership With PromptVoice!

Announcing Our New Partnership With PromptVoice!

Here at Sysconfig, we are delighted to announce that we are now working together with PromptVoice, one of the UK’s leading telephony voice prompt companies!

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PromptVoice specialise in delivering telephony businesses with professional, high-quality on-hold messaging and voice prompts, and their services are used by some of the biggest telephony brands in the UK, such as BT, Cisco, and Vodafone.

PromptVoice delivers a vast range of features, including but not limited to:

  • A vast library of licence-free and regularly updated music playlists in many genres
  • Audio securely streamed or available as download files
  • Message scheduling by date – ideal for Christmas, seasonal, or campaign related advertising
  • Instantly available prompts and marketing messages from text-to-speech characters
  • 10,000+ marketing message templates and recordings, plus bespoke messages
  • 50+ languages and dialects available from 300+ professional voice artists

PromptVoice is a very useful addition to your existing telephone services for a number of reasons. For example, it enables the user to deliver a complete telephony solution and outstanding caller experience, in addition to new upsell and marketing opportunities for your customers.

As well as this, it takes minimum effort to administer and maintain the platform, and also to upsell to existing customers.

PromptVoice is also very versatile when it comes to pricing, with sample price plans to suit all customers, from micro-SMEs to international contact centres.

At Sysconfig, we always advise that businesses have a professional-standard voicemail message as opposed to a generic, hastily recorded employee voicemail, as a higher quality greeting can give consumers a much better initial impression and an understanding into the level of service they will receive.

CEO of PromptVoice, Anthony Buxton, said this about their service: “A telephony service provider selling their solution without professional prompt recordings is like a car manufacturer selling their cars without paint… technically brilliant, but a disappointing first impression.”

If you’d like more information about PromptVoice, or would like to enquire about their services, get in touch today!

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