3 Benefits Of Integrating MS Teams With A Cloud-Based Phone System

3 Benefits Of Integrating MS Teams With A Cloud-Based Phone System

Collaborative business models are a popular approach in many organisations to jointly work towards achieving a defined, common business purpose, with technology driving positive change in this area. Building on the global success of Office 365, Microsoft Teams is the go-to choice for many businesses, combining Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, with a set of collaborative tools to promote and support group working.

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However, Microsoft’s IPT for Teams makes integration between a Cloud-based phone system and MS Teams possible, to create an invaluable collaborative workplace that combines, not just written communications, but voice ones as well, offering considerable benefits to businesses who want to take their collaborative business model to the next level.

How Businesses Can Benefit From Microsoft Teams Integrations

Microsoft Teams telephony integration isn’t a one-trick pony but can add real value to a business’ collaborative working. If you’re a telecoms reseller or IT business looking for attractive ways to increase your reach to clients, MS Teams integrations promises these powerful benefits:

1) Improved Teamwork And Collaboration

With teamwork and collaboration at the heart of improved productivity and customer service, MS Team integration is designed to jigsaw neatly with the ways that modern business function. While allowing standalone desk phones and the functionality of the PBX system to operate as usual, MS Teams empowers everyone who works collaboratively to experience the advantages of an integrated phone system. Businesses can utilise multiple collaborative tools, as well as CRM software, across the organisation, even when staff are working remotely. A unified communications system that incorporates Office 365 tools facilitates a simple, open, and collaborative working environment, improving communication and revitalising the customer experience.

2) Remote Working That Connects An Entire Team

One of the most pressing challenges of remote working is enabling colleagues to collaborate as a team. Microsoft Teams incorporates several features that make remote working more connective and less isolating. By integrating the PBX system with the software, employees get streamlined communications in one window from any remote location, including home. Also, direct dial numbers can also be rung on desk phones, mobiles, and laptops simultaneously, without the need to adjust setups. If an employee dials out from a remote location from any device, their direct dial number is displayed, so mobile contact numbers are not required.

3) Multiple Device Access

With MS Teams integration, access to a Cloud-based PBX can be achieved simply using any device, including desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, via the Teams app. Especially valuable for remote or on-the-road working, anyone can make or receive internal or external phone calls, at any time or place, harnessing the compatibility and practicality of mobile devices. Multiple device access also facilitates groups of employees working together simultaneously, promoting collaboration, and improving teamwork between individuals and departments.

An additional benefit is the fact that both team users and standard PBX users have access to the full feature list, allowing for a hybrid team in whichever ratio you choose.

Contact Sysconfig For MS Teams PBX Integration

MS Teams PBX integration is simple to implement, with fast porting of existing ISDN onto the software. If you’re interested in adding MS Teams telephony integration to your portfolio of services so your clients can achieve more streamlined collaborative working, get in touch with the specialists at Sysconfig to find out more.

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