10 Essential PBX Software Features for Telecoms Resellers

10 Essential PBX Software Features for Telecoms Resellers


10 PBX Software Features All Telecom Resellers Should Offer

In modern business, a variety of PBX software features are expected as standard, so it’s vital that wholesale telecom providers offer the full range of services.

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If you’re considering developing telecom reselling, check that the following features are included in the packages that you sell:

1) Call Pickup: This facility enables a user to answer a colleague’s phone by pressing a pick-up button or a sequence of buttons. It is possible to divide a work area into zones so the call pickup feature will only pick up calls within the same zone.

2) Group Calls: Not dissimilar to a conference call, a group call allows multiple parties to hold a conversation with a single caller.

3) Queuing: As well as giving customers the opportunity to wait for their call to be answered in periods of peak demand, a queuing system provides businesses with the chance to convey important information or marketing material to customers, to generate sales leads.

4) Caller ID: Already a common feature for residential phone lines, caller ID provides the number of the caller so this can be screened before a call is even answered.

5) Call Blocking: An effective way of filtering out unwanted callers, call blocking prevents calls from selected numbers getting through. With the ability to add or remove numbers from the list of blocked callers, businesses have a flexible approach to managing their incoming calls.

6) Do Not Disturb (DND): When the need for peace in the office overrides the importance of taking calls, the Do Not Disturb feature disables audible ringing, with visual alerts informing staff of an incoming call.

7) VIP Routing: On occasions, it may be necessary to allow only certain people to call through, or to give priority to certain callers. Creating a whitelist keeps the lines open for the right callers. Unlike call blocking or filtering, this gives more control to businesses to open their phone lines only for selected individuals.

8) Interactive Voice Response (IVR): An intelligent technology that can improve the customer experience and eliminate the need for a manned switchboard, IVR interactively gathers information from callers and directs their calls to the most appropriate department. Announcements may be incorporated into the system to provide relevant information to callers, for example, to reduce the volume of calls in which customers ask the same question repeatedly.

9) Call Recording: An audible record of a phone call that can be stored for a period of time can offer several important benefits, such as providing colleagues with training opportunities, or to allow staff to replay conversations at a later date to address complaints.

10) Voicemail To Email: A system in which a caller can leave a recorded message that is saved in .mpg or .wav format, which is then forwarded to a designated email address. The recipient can download the file and listen to it on a PC, laptop, or smartphone, including from remote locations.


These PBX software features are essential for many modern businesses, providing the flexibility to manage incoming calls and maximize the customer experience. Wholesale telecom providers and white label telecom resellers should ensure they include these in their telephony packages.

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