Covid-19 And Remote Working: What Opportunities Does This Offer My IT Company?

Covid-19 And Remote Working: What Opportunities Does This Offer My IT Company?


Covid-19 And Remote Working: What Opportunities Does This Offer My IT Company?

The worldwide Covid-19 pandemic has posed challenges for the business community, particularly for companies whose staff are more used to working from an office location than remotely from home. Faced with the prospect of shutting down or adapting quickly, many businesses have asked colleagues to perform their roles remotely.

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For some businesses, this poses a challenge, while for others it is an opportunity to streamline and strengthen their operations. With the length of the UK lockdown undetermined, it’s vital that organizations consider the implications for their operations in the future.


While many tasks can be successfully performed from home, it goes without saying that most employees don’t have access to the full range of equipment they would normally have in the office. Telecom systems, for example, are an essential part of many business operations.

During the Covid-19 crisis, special features, such as group video calls and queuing, are even more important than usual owing to the distribution of colleagues and the increase in customer enquiries. Maintaining as normal a service as possible is vital in challenging times.


The PBX is the workhorse of office telecommunications, offering essential features and tools for effective business communication. Retaining its features while working remotely empowers employees to carry out their usual duties without the need to meet colleagues and customers in person, breaking the terms of the UK lockdown.

This has huge cost-saving implications both during and after the crisis, enabling businesses to outcompete rivals who don’t have the same flexibility.

Using a SIM-only solution, mobile desk phones connect a mobile phone directly to a Cloud-based PBX system, giving full access to the features that employees use in the office. In effect, the mobile phone acts as an extension of the main PBX platform.

With mobile desk phones, every call (inbound and outbound) can be recorded, ensuring your business meets compliance standards. The activities of all workers can be monitored through real-time reporting, whether at home or the office, and all charges are assimilated into one bill for simplicity.

In fact, mobile desk phones are even suitable for businesses which operate entirely on-the-road with no requirement for a desk-based system, offering all the features of a PBX via its Cloud-based technology.


As businesses have been forced to allow employees to work from home, it is likely that many will have discovered the advantages of remote working and demand for mobile desk phones will be high.

Even after the current crisis has ended and lockdown restrictions have been lifted, homeworking is set to become an even more common feature of business in the UK, especially as modern technology, such as mobile desk phones, enables employees to work productively without the need to travel to a central office.

The demand for equipment will prevail.

For more information on becoming a white label reseller to support businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, please get in touch today.

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