The Benefits Of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

The Benefits Of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)



Recently, all eyes have been focused on Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), but what exactly is it, and is it worth investing in for telecoms reseller businesses?

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Fixed mobile convergence (FMC) is the concept of having a single, integrated telephone system. The ‘fixed’ element refers to line-based systems, such as landlines and the WiFi that makes use of them. ‘Mobile’ refers to satellite-based networks such as 4G and 5G that are used for mobile phones. Until recently, the two types of communication have been completely independent. However, the concept of ‘convergence’ is to bring everything together into a single, straightforward platform-based system.


FMC is all about doing away with the niggling headaches that the current two-strata approach causes for business customers. For instance, having to make separate calls when transferring between a mobile and a landline, having different numbers for different devices, or having to rely on potentially insecure public networks to make business calls.

As such, FMC technology is a security-focused solution that combines the benefits of a fixed office network, the speed of mobile networks, and the security of the cloud. Consequently, FMC is ideal for remote working, especially in industries where data security is paramount. It’s a great product for a reseller to have in their portfolio of services – especially with such a high demand for remote working technologies at the moment.


Lack of security has always been a barrier to remote working. Whether it’s a case of employees inadvertently introducing a threat into the network, or the risks posed by unprotected public hotspots, finding ways to combine efficiency with security is a major challenge. Fixed mobile convergence services use a secure platform that enables team members to access the office’s PBX system via the cloud for a convenient, hassle-free solution.


In an era where working from home is more important than ever, ringing from a mobile rather than the office number presents many problems. For instance, it can cause confusion amongst colleagues and clients, which gives rise to a range of productivity-draining risks and hazards. There are also issues with personal security, especially in data-sensitive industries.

The clear, straightforward single-number approach offered by fixed mobile convergence technology means no more confusion between work numbers and personal mobile numbers. All users can operate as if they are on their desk phone, enabling both security and efficiency.


Telecommunications is one of the fastest growing areas of radical innovation. Currently, this is being driven by the need for enhanced connectivity in a changing world. The void between fixed and mobile communications has traditionally been a major barrier to working outside the office walls, which riddles global communication with inefficiencies and security risks. It’s something that developers around the world are working hard to change.

Proactively orientated, fixed mobile convergence architecture recognises the rapidly approaching future of integration. Importantly, it leverages existing infrastructure in order to offer a focused solution that brings together the old whilst harnessing the new. For telecoms-using businesses, this means enhanced agility and control, whilst being prepared for change. For resellers, FMC provides another opportunity to capitalise on the telecoms boom while differentiating themselves from their competitors in a busy marketplace.


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