4 Benefits Of Adding Hosted VoIP To Your Portfolio

4 Benefits Of Adding Hosted VoIP To Your Portfolio


4 Benefits Of Adding Hosted Voip To Your Portfolio

VoIP offers businesses a raft of benefits, from lower costs and flexible portability to crystal-clear voice quality and higher scalability. It is, therefore, unsurprising that more and more IT companies are adding VoIP services to their portfolios!

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With traditional ISDN networks soon to be turned off, compelling businesses across the UK to switch to VoIP solutions for their everyday communication and data needs, there’s a mine of opportunity for hosted VoIP resellers to access.

Now is the perfect time to add these services to your portfolio – and here are four reasons why:


Joining a wholesale VoIP reseller programme will enable your IT business to become a trusted specialist in Voice over Internet Protocol services. With the acknowledged benefits that VoIP offers, this technology is enjoying rapid expansion, with more and more businesses switching from traditional networks.

As a VoIP specialist reseller, you’ll be able to provide expert advice and information to support businesses in their switch to VoIP, opening up a lucrative revenue stream that promises an almost unending supply of new customers with whom you can partner.

Ensuring that your supplier can provide quality training is essential when you become a VoIP reseller so that your sales team can provide a knowledgeable and credible service to new clients.


Because it is flexible and can integrate many different aspects of communications, VoIP offers the opportunity to provide value-added services that can increase your customer numbers. Demand for non-core telephony services is high, with many customers seeking a bespoke approach to their communications infrastructure.

VoIP enables resellers to provide a bundle of value-added services that are tailored to the needs of each client.

The more flexible a VoIP reseller is in the way they provide solutions, the more demand there will be for their services.


Market segmentation is important to achieve a more incisive understanding of your different customers and their unique needs and can help inform your marketing approaches when promoting VoIP services.

Because of its flexibility and adaptability, VoIP is not a one-size-fits-all solution, meaning you can focus your efforts more precisely on targeting specific market segments, rather than trying to appeal to a generic audience for whom a product may not be custom-made.


For over three decades, ISDN and PSTN networks have been the mainstay of the country’s telecoms infrastructure, but the growth in Cloud-based telephony has meant continued investment in these networks is unsustainable. In 2025, ISDN and PSTN will be permanently disconnected and, with over 2 million businesses currently relying on these networks, demand for VoIP will be high.

However, VoIP reseller providers shouldn’t wait before taking action, as no new ISDN installations will be completed beyond the end of this year. Many businesses will start to switch long before the 2025 deadline, and start-ups established over the next five years will require VoIP from the outset.

VoIP will allow businesses to retain their existing hardware, which is important for many small companies who may not have the financial resources to replace equipment. As a Cloud VoIP reseller, you’ll be in pole position to provide an informative and reliable service to small businesses for whom communication is key to their daily operations.


For more information on becoming a hosted VoIP reseller, get in touch with Sysconfig to find out how we can work in partnership with you.

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