We Have Renewed Our ISO 27001 Certificate: What This Means For You

We Have Renewed Our ISO 27001 Certificate: What This Means For You


We are delighted to announce that we have recently updated our ISO 27001 certificate, underlining our commitment to quality and consistently high standards across our services. We’d like to thank our team for their ongoing hard work in achieving the accreditation – and on a day-to-day basis.

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Thanks are also due to the auditing team, and of course to our customers!

ISO accreditation is a lengthy and detailed process, so it’s only fair to ask what the benefits are for us as a business, and for our customers.


Sysconfig-27001-logoISO 27001 is the ISO’s internationally recognized information security management framework and plays a fundamental role in the way we design, manage, and deliver our products and services here at Sysconfig. As a cloud-based telecom provider, responsible and efficient information management – and the security of our customers – is paramount.

The ISO 27001 framework provides a comprehensive set of controls that manage information security risk – giving our customers the confidence that our products meet the highest international standards for reliability, speed, and user safety. For customers who use our white label telecoms products, this provides a very high benchmark of service from which your business and your customers can benefit directly.

ISO 27001 accreditation is awarded after an independent audit, and the certificate must be renewed every three years. As the standards themselves are regularly updated and strengthened, this creates an ongoing process of improvement by which the ISO 27001 framework becomes an integral part of our business as it changes and grows.


To find out more about our accreditations and what the ISO 27001 framework means for information security – and how you can benefit – please get in touch today.

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