What Is A Managed IP Telephony Service And What Will It Cost?

What Is A Managed IP Telephony Service And What Will It Cost?

Managed IP (Internet Protocol) telephony (MIP) is a way of running a phone exchange remotely by using a dedicated, high-speed internet connection to a PBX-VoIP cloud server or dedicated switching hub to emulate local networking.
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Traditionally, businesses relied on on-site ISDN-PSTN physical switches to process incoming and outgoing call traffic. MIP eliminates the need for physical exchanges. Software virtualises the pathways and specific criteria that govern local PBX (personal business exchange) network management while fielding calls in real-time. As for the managed part of IP telephony? It's all provided, monitored, and maintained by a specialised third-party telecoms provider – such as Sysconfig or one of our resellers.

How Does Managed Telephony Work?

The day-to-day running and control of the PBX are outsourced to the party hosting the virtual network. Remote management saves end users valuable time and money, keeps exchanges running 24-7-365, provides easy access to expert help, and opens up more sophisticated telecoms solutions to SMEs, all at affordable prices.

MIP also has the added advantage of being able to parse and combine traffic from a lot of different protocols. VoIP and older ISDN phones are both compatible with local call forwarding. The IP server converts everything into modulated VoIP data and sends it to a fixed destination via an ASDL or fibre-optic internet connection. SMS, fax, and email messages are compatible with the tech, too.

What Will It Cost?

The easy answer to this is far less money than other solutions - certainly far less than a running physical, bulky ISDN exchange or landline. Cloud PBX technology is typically cheaper, faster, more resilient, and easier to access and recover in an outage.

How much you'll specifically pay for your remote PBX hosting depends on the MIP package, the extent of hosting, and regular services you choose to lease. Bonus features (e.g. number porting, initially supported setup fees) may incur a one-time surcharge.

Billing for a MIP-PBX is monthly or quarterly, with a fixed charge per network connection. Prices may vary depending on your tariff, provider, and region. You can always pay for more than one remote PBX if need be.

As of 2020-2021, End Users Should Expect To Pay On Average (Per Month):

  •  £5-30 per networked phone
  • £0-20 per mobile (provider app login to tariff)
  •  £5-10 per Call recording contract (logs phonecalls, ideal for telemarketing)
For 'one time only' charges:
  •  £5-15 for number porting (transfers old ISDN and PSTN numbers to digital platforms)
  •  £0-500 for initial network setup

Be sure to factor in the costs of buying any hardware (i.e. VoIP phones, switches) when budgeting for an MIP service.

Managed Telephony From Sysconfig

At Sysconfig, we deliver whitelabel VoIP & wholesale telecoms solutions, cloud PBX, and cloud-powered excellence to our UK clients at market-beating prices. Get in touch to find out more!

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