Mobile Desk Phone PBX Software For Financial Advisors

Mobile Desk Phone PBX Software For Financial Advisors

These days, there are plenty of tech solutions which aim to make life easier for financial advisors. There's little that can compare with mobile desk phone PBX software, though, whether you (in usual circumstances) work as a team in an office, or remotely from home. For a number of reasons, Sysconfig's offering is the ideal choice for financial advisors. Here's why it makes sense.

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What Do Financial Advisors Need?

One of the most important concerns for financial advisors is compliance. In financial services, there are certain hard and fast rules which are essential to follow. Any advisor who does not follow these puts their career, and their entire company, at risk.

Because of this, it is essential to keep totally accurate records. One way of achieving this is through a clear audit trail of all digital communications with clients. However, recording conversations is just as important. This is where a mobile phone PBX system comes into play.

PBX Software vs The Alternatives

Sysconfig's system offers recordings of all calls made by a mobile or landline, both inbound and outbound. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to monitor phone calls and record them as part of your customer’s individual file or write directly to your customer relationship management system (CRM).

There are applications out there which have the same capabilities - but in some areas they fall short. In particular, they have a far greater margin for human error. Employees must be relied on to turn the app on themselves, and in the fast-paced financial world, it's easy to forget.

The mobile desk phone system does not need manual user input to work. It also allows integration between mobiles and desk phones; in financial services, it is common to use both. The Sysconfig PBX system allows your mobile and fixed line phone to work as one. The mobile phone becomes an extension of the company's phone system, allowing calls to be forwarded easily - and keeping everything recorded, which is essential for the demonstrating compliance and providing great customer service.

A Question Of Function

The Sysconfig platform has been built in-house, and is constantly being developed to enhance performance. It is a very stable platform, flexible and well-integrated, that has been intensely tested. In particular, it has been tested for reliability, with excellent results - exactly what a financial services company needs, as any downtime can cause huge issues and cost a significant amount of money.

There are other reasons why the Sysconfig system makes a sound choice for financial advisors. It essentially fills the role that once required a switchboard, allowing the company to transfer, divert and stack calls. Ultimately, it offers a cloud-based alternative to a traditional system, easily allowing companies to shift their telecoms into the 21st century.

All accredited to ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 for your peace of mind.

Next Steps

Feel free to get in touch in order to learn more about our Sysconfig mobile phone desk phone platform, and why it makes sense to use it in a financial advisory business.

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