Mobile Desk Phone PBX Software For Onsite Visits And Deliveries

Mobile Desk Phone PBX Software For Onsite Visits And Deliveries

Supply chains play a vital role in promoting high levels of productivity for businesses who, with advancing technology, expect to receive timely information about delivery schedules or other onsite visits. Informing a business that a delivery is imminent is a beneficial way to build positive supplier-customer relationships, allowing the receiver to prepare for the shipment, and to allow them to plan their operations to avoid inconvenience.

Get Your Free Product BrochureMost importantly, businesses need to know if a delivery is likely to arrive late – changes to the scheduled time are sometimes unavoidable – and there’s little that is more annoying than staff having to wait around, unaware when goods, raw materials, or other supplies, are likely to be delivered. As in all areas of business relationships, communication is key.

Why Equip Delivery Drivers With Mobile Desk Phones?

Mobile desk phones that are connected to a business’ PBX are a practical, cost-effective, and professional alternative to mobile phones. As a telecoms reseller, your clients may have many delivery drivers, sales staff, or other colleagues working on the road, visiting their customers’ premises as part of their daily operations. If you’re looking to add mobile desk phone PBX software to your portfolio of telephony services, it’s important your clients are aware of the benefits for their business:

Keeping Customers Fully Informed

Mobile desk phones enable drivers and other staff to stay in constant contact with customers, alerting them of their impending arrival. Businesses can practice a systematic approach to enhancing communication with customers, for example to phone a set number of minutes ahead of their arrival, giving the customer time to prepare for a seamless handover of goods. Customers will appreciate the open communication, and the supplier-client relationship will be enhanced.

Conveying A Professional Image

While drivers and field staff could use ordinary smartphones to communicate with customers, the appearance of an unknown mobile phone number on the client’s telephone is not conducive to positive relationships. Many businesses are inundated with regular sales calls from mobile numbers and, consequently, a call from a 07 number may be ignored. A mobile desk phone that is connected to a PBX uses the central business number, which is likely to be recognised instantly by the customer (or, if it is stored in their system, will register with the business’ name). This simple feature promotes a professional brand image and continuity of service.

A More Affordable Option

For all field workers to be supplied with a contract-based smartphone is an unnecessary expense that can be easily avoided. Mobile desk phones with PBX software eradicate the need for individual contracts and the complication of wasted airtime, centralising costs and using a charging plan that is customised to the business’ needs.

Contact Sysconfig For Mobile Desk Phone Solutions

If you agree that mobile desk phones are a practical, professional, and cost-effective solution to on-the-go communications, why not add this service to your portfolio? At Sysconfig, our mobile desk phone with PBX solutions are ideal for businesses who wish to strengthen their customer relationships, so get in touch for more information on adding this service to your telecoms portfolio.

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