Join Sysconfig as Supporters of – Tree Conservation & Sustainability

14 January 2021 - Author Sysconfig

Let’s put white label telecoms to the side for the moment and talk trees. Trees. They are such a familiar part of our lives that it is easy to take them...

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What Is A Managed IP Telephony Service And What Will It Cost?

7 January 2021 - Author Sysconfig

Managed IP (Internet Protocol) telephony (MIP) is a way of running a phone exchange remotely by using a dedicated, high-speed internet connection to a...

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Should an IT Support Company Offer Cloud-Based Telecoms Services?

3 January 2021 - Author Sysconfig

If you're already running IT support for other people's telecoms packages and running cloud apps, you might be tempted to start buying and selling your...

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New Platform Wide Update

26 November 2020 - Author Sysconfig

On Friday 27th November during the hours of 5am and 6am we will be implementing a platform wide update to include the following bug fix's and enhancements.

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3 Benefits Of Integrating MS Teams With A Cloud-Based Phone System

12 November 2020 - Sam Dawkins

Collaborative business models are a popular approach in many organisations to jointly work towards achieving a defined, common business purpose, with...

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5 Common Concerns IT Companies Have About Becoming Telecom Resellers

10 August 2020 - Sam Dawkins

Many UK telecoms companies use third-party telecoms providers to sell and maintain their fibreoptic, phone and broadband connections, at a profit to...

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The Benefits Of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

19 July 2020 - Sam Dawkins


Recently, all eyes have been focused on Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC), but what exactly is it, and is it worth investing in for telecoms...

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4 Benefits Of Adding Hosted Telephony To Your IT Business

15 July 2020 - Sam Dawkins


If your IT business is looking to expand its portfolio of services, adding hosted telephony is a smart move. Hosted telephony services are...

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How Does SIP Trunking Offer Opportunities To IT Companies?

9 July 2020 - Sam Dawkins

SIP Trunking is a new form of phone connectivity that allows phone calls to be handled via a dedicated Internet connection. It can save money and...

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BT 2025 Switch Off: How Can My IT Business Benefit?

30 June 2020 - Sam Dawkins

2025 will mark a significant change in the way that telecoms services are delivered in the UK, with the BT ISDN Switch Off permanently ceasing some...

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