How Does SIP Trunking Offer Opportunities To IT Companies?

How Does SIP Trunking Offer Opportunities To IT Companies?

SIP Trunking is a new form of phone connectivity that allows phone calls to be handled via a dedicated Internet connection. It can save money and provide a more stable, clearer connection between both standard-dialling and SIP-enabled phone networks. SIP Trunking can handle digital audio, video, text, and line-by-line picture transmissions (such as faxes).

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SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, a type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) interface. Trunking refers to the translation SIP servers perform between the UK’s ‘copper wire’ Public Telephone Network (PSTN) and SIP-enabled phones and computers. The trunk unit acts much like a local exchange and modem, all rolled into one.

The signals from a SIP local network are converted to a signal similar to an ADSL connection, allowing them to be sent via standard IP (Internet Protocol). The SIP system translates incoming calls and data back into local signals. To work properly, the SIP unit must trunk to units capable of parsing the specially converted signals.

Unlike traditional telephony, the call and data routing for SIP networks are handled by a digital ‘map’ of where the local signals need to be sent. This makes SIP a virtualised technology.


For businesses, SIP/VoIP can cut phone bills and make internal phone networks more flexible. SIP runs on a plug-and-play model – the trunking automatically updates as more devices are added into the network. This makes it attractive to forward-thinking, public-facing IT and telemarketing companies.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, SIP provision and brokering is an emerging, prosperous revenue stream for resellers. As SIP requires dedicated IT hardware and software to run, the technical details of SIP are often handled remotely by dedicated companies.

As monthly and yearly fees can be charged in advance for running a complex SIP service, it’s a guaranteed, lucrative source of business for many. ‘White label’ reselling is also popular – offering budget SIP services with scaling packages is a great way to attract a wider range of customers, big and small. It’s cutting-edge technology at the moment – but still affordable and prestigious enough to make you stand out.

There’s also the future to consider. In 2025, British Telecom (BT) will be discontinuing traditional ISDN VoIP. Older, legacy internet telecoms units will no longer work with the British phone network. Businesses thinking ahead will want to switch to SIP trunking. More and more will join the queue as the deadline grows closer…


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