Cloud Based Telecoms help Businesses Adapt & Thrive In The Pandemic

Cloud Based Telecoms help Businesses Adapt & Thrive In The Pandemic

Many people had their universes turned upside down during 2020. However, as businesses struggled to cope, many also learned that remote working comes with a host of hidden benefits.

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Being able to attend a business meeting while wearing PJs is probably top of most people’s list, but in terms of productivity and efficiency there are some surprising rewards. Here are three of the most important:

1) Focus

Focus is one of the great challenges that employees face, and noisy offices and interruptions are the tip of the iceberg. Workplaces will be too warm for one person, too cold for another, too bright or too dark, too cluttered or too empty… in the classic Goldilocks scenario, there is only ever one ‘just right’, and that tends to be the one that people create themselves. The importance of environment on people’s ability to focus was well-known before the pandemic, but organisations had never had the opportunity to put wisdom into practice. Thanks to cloud-based VoIP, companies can now make sure that their employees are in their ideal psychological zone when they settle down to work.

2) Innovation

It’s supposed to be the golden ticket to organisational success, but true innovation is hard to find. However, researchers have found that innovation comes when employees have both the space to think and the right communication opportunities. A daily reminder of this is the Post-It note, which was the accidental result of two colleagues bumping into each other in the hallway. When they happen, lightbulb moments such as these need to be grasped. When everyone is effortlessly connected through the cloud, employees can dash off an instant message whenever they have a brainwave, turning good ideas into serious profit.

3) Flexibility

Flexibility is the ultimate productivity mechanism. It is also set to become our new normal, according to analysts. People tend to increase their efficiency when they have control over when and where they work, which is especially important when juggling family commitments with work requirements. Cloud-based VoIP opens up a range of flexibility opportunities for employees. These include being able to take office calls on a mobile device, being able to transfer calls between devices, and being able to access office portals from anywhere. The majority of employees are intrinsically motivated, meaning they genuinely want to do their job, and flexibility gives them the opportunity to perform at their best.

What Does The Future Hold?

Like every other global crisis before it, this one has created lasting sociocultural changes. Individuals are learning that remote working is rewarding, and businesses are reaping the benefits. This is only possible because of high-quality cloud-based VoIP and a workforce that is willing to embrace change. To enhance the remote working experiences of your clients, have a chat with one of our VoIP telecoms advisers. 

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