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What Is SIP Trunking? Five FAQs and Answers

1 August 2021 - Author Sysconfig

As the BT ISDN Switch Off approaches (scheduled for April – December 2025) SIP trunking is becoming a hot topic in the world of business telecoms. What...

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How to Succeed As A SIP Trunk Reseller Business

22 July 2021 - Sam Dawkins

Many UK businesses are in the market for updated telecoms systems at the moment, particularly as ISDN phone lines are set to be discontinued after...

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Our Top 3 Alternatives To Old-Fashioned ISDN Phone Networking

22 July 2021 - Author Sysconfig

By 31st December 2025, all ISDN phone lines in the UK will be taken offline. The big BT switch-off and 2023-2024 wind-down mean that all phones that...

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Telecoms Reseller? Here's How To Turn The 2025 BT ISDN Switch-Off Into An Opportunity For Your Business

8 July 2021 - Author Sysconfig

If you're a UK telecoms reseller, you're no doubt aware that ISDN-PSTN voice services will be switched off by BT permanently in 2025. What you might...

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The BT SwitchOff May Be Four Years Away But the Time to Act is Now

1 July 2021 - Author Sysconfig

The great switch-off is coming. By 31st December 2025, BT and Openreach will have deactivated all analogue and third-gen digital 'static' phone...

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Why ISO Accreditation Matters When Choosing Your Wholesale SIP Trunking Provider

21 January 2021 - Author Sysconfig

How do you know your telecoms provider is legitimate, safe to use, and is who they say they are in their glossy advertising? The overwhelming majority...

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How Does SIP Trunking Offer Opportunities To IT Companies?

9 July 2020 - Sam Dawkins

SIP Trunking is a new form of phone connectivity that allows phone calls to be handled via a dedicated Internet connection. It can save money and...

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SIP Trunking Explained: Helping You To Deliver IP Telephony Services

30 June 2020 - Sam Dawkins

SIP trunking is playing an increasingly important role in the provision of communication and data services in modern business. With the BT 2025...

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