Turn The 2025 BT ISDN Switch-Off Into An Opportunity For Your Business

Turn The 2025 BT ISDN Switch-Off Into An Opportunity For Your Business

If you're a UK telecoms reseller, you're no doubt aware that ISDN-PSTN voice services will be switched off by BT permanently in 2025. What you might not have considered is how the switch-off could create some great opportunities for comms rebrokers.

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The end of ISDN-PSTN means that millions of customers will be looking to upgrade their existing PBX hardware to handle VoIP and SIP technology, switching over to remote network management, and integrating cloud-hosted trunking and call connection software.

A surprising number of landline companies and resellers are still running ISDN and phone-only legacy packages. Here's what you can anticipate and offer to get the best possible benefit from this opportunity.

Be Ready For Increased High-Tech Demand

Two of BT's long-term objectives for the switchover are to open up the UK's fibre-optic capacity and encourage customers to migrate their calls to VoIP. The end of PSTN means that thousands of veteran handsets, exchanges, and servers stuck in surprising places will need replacing and upgrading, too.

Expect a significant increase in enquiries during 2021-2024 about new Internet connections, digital telecoms routing, new VoIP packages, phone system replacements, software call integration (e.g. with Microsoft Teams or Zoom), and speed-focused upgrades to existing broadband and phone packages.

Optimise Contract Renewals And Network Migrations

No business leader likes to spend more time thinking about how they're going to maintain their current day-to-day services than they absolutely have to. Many companies also lack the technical know-how to distinguish between the advantages of SIP cloud-hosting and outdated ISDN trunking. All they want is a manageable, efficient phone system that just works. Why not offer a no-fuss cloud migration package to your existing ISDN customers when it's their time to renew?

As their in-house telecoms hub, you can secure their continued business during a hectic period while subtly introducing them to the many benefits of VoIP calls and cloud-hosted PBX. You can also make your customers the appealing offer of migrating their current setup across to new tech completely intact. Reinstalling PBX specs, re-trunking, resetting rules, and migrating numbers in bulk are time-consuming tasks that no business owner really enjoys.

Offer Remote SIP-PBX Management And Support

The new, post-2025 Openreach network will support SIP and VoIP phone networks exclusively. What better time than to sell the benefits of remote, cloud-powered phone exchanges to your customers?

Virtualised and remote-access PBX exchanges hold serious advantages over on-site and older ISDN phone trunking. PBX hosting can cut costs, handle larger volumes of calls at once, stay up 24-7-365, and automate core tasks. Expert maintenance and administration, remote logins, and inbuilt disaster recovery capacity make virtual phone exchanges more resilient, accessible, and flexible than their counterparts from the recent past.

Beat The BT Switch-Off Deadline With Sysconfig

At Sysconfig, we're helping telecoms resellers prepare for the 2025 deadline, with a range of cloud-hosted PBX and SIP trunking (ISDN replacement) products. To find out more and to discuss your options, please get in touch.

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