What Services Should You Look For In A White Label Telecoms Provider?

What Services Should You Look For In A White Label Telecoms Provider?

With companies becoming increasingly reliant on cloud-based communication services, offering the right provision really matters. However, all too frequently the organisations themselves have little understanding of the potential that a cloud-based PBX can offer. Based on our experience, here’s what will make clients happy.

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1) A Complete Solution

The last thing any organisation needs is an overly complex communications system. The ideal solution is one that is fully integrated, fully accessible, and that takes care of all communication requirements. When implemented correctly, the cloud is capable of ticking every box, so look for an organisation that offers the complete package.

2) Open Communication

Companies are highly focused on increasing innovation, improving flexibility, and enhancing agility. The foundation of this is being able to move information rapidly, so that when an employee has a lightbulb moment, they can share it with the right person. Open communication channels are, therefore, a must-have for cloud-based systems. Recent developments such as mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) systems – which enable the secure forwarding of calls from the main business line to a mobile – are fast becoming the go-to solution.

3) Intuitive, Single Portal Interface

Nobody wants to become lost in the quagmire of complex digital infrastructure. Single communications portals - where phones, emails, and direct messages are accessible from a unified location – are excellent ways to increase efficiency and reduce stress. Your white label provider should offer a one-portal solution that enables rapid responses to both colleagues and customers. The ease with which the portal can be navigated will increase the market value of the communication system.

4) Ease of installation

Switching to a new communication system can feel daunting for companies. There is the perceived risk of software failure, the threat of having to undertake extensive retraining, and the worry that the experience will be more trouble than it’s worth. If your white label provider is able to guarantee an effortless transition, the sense of security will be passed to your clients. If the white label provider owns and continues to develop their own platform, its user-friendliness and reliability will be high.

5) Affordability

Cloud-based communication systems are inherently more cost effective than wholesale line rental (WLR) solutions. However, when you are calculating costs, always take into consideration the value of the research and development that has gone into creating and maintaining the software. Prices that are suspiciously low often indicate a lack of maintenance, which can have serious repercussions for clients. Ask the white label provider to explain their pricing if it is not clear.

6) Partnership

White label communication providers need to be solid, reliable partners. Software inevitably evolves, so providers must have excellent levels of commitment to the companies that they work with. This includes having strong feedback strategies, as well as embracing the vision of a genuine partner relationship.

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