What Is A White Label VoIP Reseller Programme?

What Is A White Label VoIP Reseller Programme?

As the world scrambles to keep up with the remote working revolution, white label VoIP reselling has become a vital service for many IT and telecoms providers. For businesses with an eye on the ball, reselling can offer a spectrum of opportunities. What’s involved, and what are the features you should be looking for? 

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What Is White Label Reselling?

White label reselling is about freedom, control, and confidence. It involves taking a well-invested and fully developed product or service and giving it your own brand identity – like scribbling your name on a ‘white label’ and calling it your own. When working with a white label partner, companies can guarantee VoIP quality whilst continuing to target their branding to their audience. There are many benefits to this strategy, including reduced risk, cost-effectiveness, and expert support.

Co-Brand Your Knowledge

VoIP technology can be notoriously complex. However, extensive understanding of the mechanisms is not necessary in order to use the intuitive software, and neither is it needed in order to resell it. Qualified IT consultants and companies can therefore easily adopt cloud-based VoIP to extend their product range. On the other hand, it helps to know that your partner company knows their product inside out. If a situation ever arises when complex questions need a solution, it’s useful to have an expert to call.

Look for a company that has taken the time and effort to construct their own coding, as they will be able to offer in-depth support if it is ever required.


VoIP reselling is a partnership. However, putting your own brand on a service only works if you are invited to sit in the driving seat. VoIP programmes should therefore include a range of core features that give you control. These include enabling you to make decisions about portals, reports, invoices, call plans, and customer service fees. As a reseller, you also need to be able to customise your package as you want it, sell your own add-ons, and tailor your services. This way, you can design and follow your own organisational strategic road map.

When choosing a VoIP partner, select one that has the confidence to power the engine whilst letting you take control.

Basic Training

Confidence is a crucial element of white label VoIP reselling. End users expect it, and organisations are more efficient and productive when they have it. Training is therefore integral to excellent VoIP service provision. Various skills can enhance a reseller’s opportunities, including technical proficiency, up-to-date market knowledge, and administrative clarity. This forms a powerful framework to support an evolving partnership.

Expect a good white label provider to offer a deep level of insight into the market through both training and on-going support.

What Next?

At Sysconfig, we are committed to creating lasting VoIP partnerships that ensure resellers and end-users keep in touch. For more information, have a chat with one of our telecoms specialists today.

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