Why A Mobile Desk Phone Is Needed To Improve Sales

Why A Mobile Desk Phone Is Needed To Improve Sales

In today’s socially-distanced world, business leaders and managers understand the importance of instant access and open communication with remotely-based staff, customers, and suppliers. In the office many businesses equip colleagues with a fixed line desktop phone and a separate contract smartphone, but having two phones, on two different networks, with two contract plans, can be complex to manage and unnecessarily costly.

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Remote working is becoming increasingly important for modern businesses, and it’s vital that important sales and strategic decisions can be made promptly. Integrating mobile phones with the Cloud-based PBX simplifies the set-up and is a key to improving business practices that help to improve sales. At Sysconfig, our SIM-only mobile desk phones connect directly to the PBX platform as a fully featured extension that offers important benefits for the business.

Full Accountability and Relationship Management

Managing customer relationships is vital to achieving long-term commitments that generate profitable sales. A standalone smartphone that is not connected to a PBX is a separate entity, making the integration of sales leads, customer communications, and enquiries challenging to manage.

A single phone number and voicemail, for fixed lines and mobile desk phones, facilitates the seamless handover of calls between colleagues or departments, so staff can manage an active call to provide outstanding service, protecting valuable sales leads and existing customer relationships. Responses to enquiries are likely to be timelier, strengthening the business’s reputation and cementing an advantage over its competitors.

Mobile desk phones also improve the accessibility of key staff, so they can be contacted by customers and colleagues wherever they are, boosting collaboration and increasing the response time to sales leads. Desktop features, such as call transfer or extension dialling, can be utilised from the mobile device, so a customer is never cast adrift at a critical time. All calls – inbound and outbound – are stored in the CRM for full traceability and accountability.

Flexible Staff Management

Mobile desk phones support more flexible employee management, which is central to deploying them efficiently to increase productivity and improve sales. By issuing sales colleagues with a geo number, managers maintain better control of customer interactions, while integrating their work more effectively with other departments. With a corporate phone number, single voicemail, and visual notifications, sales staff have the flexibility to respond promptly to enquiries and build their own relationships with clients, allowing management information on communications in and out of the office.

Reduce Support Costs

Taking away the voice quality issues that can be experienced through poor home broadband or WIFI by using mobile technology.

Sysconfig: For Mobile Desk Phone Solutions

Mobile desk phones are a valuable addition to any business looking to boost its sales figures. To enquire more about our mobile desk phone solutions for your portfolio of telecoms services, get in touch with Sysconfig today.
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