Why Include A Cloud-Based PBX In Your Telecoms Service Portfolio?

Why Include A Cloud-Based PBX In Your Telecoms Service Portfolio?

As ISDN lines are phased out, cloud-based Private Business eXchanges (PBX) are becoming increasingly popular. With organisations focusing on speed, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, a cloud-based PBX in a service portfolio makes for very attractive reading. Here’s why.  

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What Is A Cloud-Based PBX?

Cloud-based PBX contains all of the useful features of a PBX system, and both operates and stores them in the cloud. This means that companies do not need to invest in cumbersome servers and technology in order to optimise their telephone systems, and can make use of one of the safest, fastest, and most competitive forms of IT available. Moving a PBX into the cloud increases efficiency whilst minimising costs, and offers organisations a significant competitive advantage.

Wave Goodbye To Capital Expenditure

One of the main attractions of cloud-based technology is that the cost of hosting is shared fairly among users. For companies that rely on a PBX, this can lead to significant savings, especially if long-distance calls are involved in the business matrix. Companies switching to cloud-based PBX solutions automatically reduce this cost due to the fact that launching an IP PBX does not require setting up and maintaining expensive hardware. The cloud adopts a ‘pay what you need’ methodology, making it inherently scalable – an ideal solution in uncertain financial climates.

Going International

Globally-minded businesses often have global-sized communication headaches. From difficulties creating a coherent infrastructure between offices to maintaining security, there are endless opportunities for things to go awry. However, these problems are completely eliminated by a cloud-based PBX. The cloud exists everywhere, and this means that international offices can have the same PBX access, features, and quality, bringing teams together no matter where they are.

Saving Time And Boosting Efficiency

Efficiency and productivity have a fraught and complex relationship. Upset one, and the other suffers. While there are many strategies that can improve organisational efficiency, one of the most crucial is freeing up time. There are several ways that a cloud-based PBX helps with this. Setting it up is quick and adding numbers can be done with a click. Employees can connect from anywhere, using their device of choice, offering unlimited flexibility. The quality of calls is exceptional, meaning no more minutes are lost to fuzzy interfaces.

Next Steps

At Sysconfig, we’re excited by the opportunities of cloud-based PBX systems for our end users and resale partners. For more information about the benefits that it offers, and how these can create a winning portfolio, get in touch today.

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