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Cloud PBX for Small Businesses

Cloud PBX for Small Businesses

Small Businesses are the beating heart of our local economies

We can all agree that supporting local businesses is a great way to help communities prosper economically and socially.

When we support a local business, we safeguard jobs and encourage a thriving community, helping to build a strong sense of locality and wellbeing.

We know that smaller businesses use a reduced amount of resources and are more likely to source their materials locally, decreasing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Local businesses tend to take more pride in offering a very high level of personalised services.  Help your small business customers to thrive and protect their future.

Here are some of the benefits that they will receive when they choose a Cloud PBX business phone system. 

Safeguarding future business with Call Queueing.  Customers can be held in an orderly queue at busy times, ensuring they never hear an engaged tone.

Your clients time is valuable, offer call back to save them sitting on hold at busy times.

Simply turn phone system on and off with Day/Night mode.

Route customers to the correct person with Auto Attendant, callers can be greeted and directed as specified

Supporting excellent customer care with Call Pick Up, users can collect calls ringing on other users phones

Enhance productivity with Call Park, i.e. person can send call to relevant department and continue with their tasks

Informing employees with Paging, i.e. the sandwich van has arrived, we are testing the fire alarms etc.

Minimise dropped calls with On Hold Music, engaging content can be played while waiting

Comply with regulations with FSA and PCI Compliant Call Recording for Financial Services Companies

Support and enhance staff training with eves drop and call join.

Provide accurate information first time with Call Recording, review calls to check requirements

Market new products with Announcements, personalised messages can be added and easily recorded

Ensure customers feel cared for with Voicemail which can be provided on failure to answer, ensuring a timely call back

Cloud PBX for Small Businesses

Offering state of the art communications to our customers, will help them provide a superior service, maximise productivity and improve image.  Ultimately supporting their success and growth and helping to future proof their businesses.


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