Cloud PBX for Small Businesses

2 March 2023 - Sam Dawkins

Small Businesses are the beating heart of our local economies

We can all agree that supporting local businesses is a great way to help communities...

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MiFIDII Compliant Call Recording

20 February 2023 - Sam Dawkins

Call recording is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, helping to improve customer service and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements....

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MS Teams Integration - Direct routing

27 January 2023 - Sam Dawkins

Building on the global success of Office 365, Microsoft Teams is the go-to choice for many businesses, combining Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel,...

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The BT SwitchOff May Be Three Years Away But the Time to Act is Now

5 October 2022 - Author Sysconfig

The great switch-off is coming. By 31st December 2025, BT and Openreach will have deactivated all analogue and third-gen digital 'static' phone services...

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Grow Your IT Support Business, Become A White Label Telecoms Reseller

28 September 2022 - Author Sysconfig

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate in Britain. The challenges of 2020 and 2021 generated a colossal, renewed...

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What Is SIP Trunking? Five FAQs and Answers

1 August 2021 - Author Sysconfig

As the BT ISDN Switch Off approaches (scheduled for April – December 2025) SIP trunking is becoming a hot topic in the world of business telecoms. What...

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8 Questions To Ask Your Cloud PBX Software Provider

28 July 2021 - Sam Dawkins

With BT set to turn off all remaining ISDN lines in December 2025, and with no further new ISDN lines being available for sale from 2023, more and more...

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What Features To Look For In A Cloud-Based PBX?

26 July 2021 - Sam Dawkins

A cloud-based PBX needs to have a host of handy features if it's to meet the needs of today's service and data-driven businesses.

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How to Succeed As A SIP Trunk Reseller Business

22 July 2021 - Sam Dawkins

Many UK businesses are in the market for updated telecoms systems at the moment, particularly as ISDN phone lines are set to be discontinued after 2025....

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Our Top 3 Alternatives To Old-Fashioned ISDN Phone Networking

22 July 2021 - Author Sysconfig

By 31st December 2025, all ISDN phone lines in the UK will be taken offline. The big BT switch-off and 2023-2024 wind-down mean that all phones that...

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