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Grow Your IT Support Business, Become A White Label Telecoms Reseller

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate in Britain. The challenges of 2020 and 2021 generated a colossal, renewed interest in remote telecoms.

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Ofcom recorded an extraordinary 17% rise in fixed calls and a 37% increase in mobile-landline conversations between businesses across the year (Q2 Market Data Update, November 2020). Getting back in touch has never been more popular.

If you're already dealing in managed IT support services, why not consider adding 'white label' telecoms reselling to your service portfolio? Offering your own personalised, repackaged telecoms services can boost your market appeal, reputation, local presence, and overall quality of service.

What Is A 'White Label' Telecoms Reseller?

In the UK, all advanced static and mobile telecoms (Internet, 3-5G mobile) are run and brokered by a handful of infrastructure companies. These are mainly reliant on BT-Openreach infrastructure that handles connectivity, communication ducts and masts, and long-distance routing.

Companies such as BT/TalkTalk/Vodafone/SYSCONFiG generally manage the technical side of things. They work in sync with Openreach, RIPE and Ofcom to assign ADSL connections, lines, numbers, and fixed IP addresses with tiered levels of approved bandwidth.

While these companies do sell their own products to homes and businesses, they can't do everything alone. The challenge of maintaining national infrastructure at the same time as selling to the UK's diverse telecoms market means that they can't easily reach everyone, everywhere who might be interested in what they can offer.

That's Where Telecoms Resellers Come In

By outsourcing their marketing, tech support, branding, and billing management to approved third-parties, larger technical companies cut costs, expand their reach, and improve their quality of service. They can also localise services to regional markets, improve data security, and offer better tech support. In return, the approved partners get to grow a valuable business and take margin on the journey. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

How Can Telecoms Reselling Boost My Business?

Resellers get a great degree of creative freedom as to how they market and provide each block of connections they lease from their providers - hence 'white label'. You're free to design, sell, and use your own tariff packages, mixed-service offers, name and styling, IT support offers, itemised billing, and special features. This versatility helps resellers refit off-the-shelf services to any IT services business model. The ability to provide telecom services and support under your own trading name will help you penetrate your local marketplace.

Telecoms Reselling And Partnerships From SYSCONFiG

As a telecoms reseller, SYSCONFiG can help your company get started as an accredited partner and reseller. Get in touch today to find out more about our telecoms reselling, line rentals, and virtual support services.

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