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Many UK businesses are in the market for updated telecoms systems at the moment, particularly as ISDN phone lines are set to be discontinued after 2025. Therefore, if you are a white label telecoms provider or cloud-based IT support business, it could be the ideal time to become a SIP trunk reseller.

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Today, we'll show you how to maximise your chances of succeeding in this arena by taking three simple steps.

1) Choose The Right Wholesale SIP Trunk Provider

Select a reputable company with a proven history of providing outstanding products and customer service. Look for a firm that has International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) accreditation and a host of verifiably happy clients.

Opt for a provider that offers a cost-effective white label package and that only deals with wholesalers. There's little point in trying to resell SIP trunking when your prospects can buy it directly from your partner for less.

2) Market Your Product To The Right People

When it comes to reselling SIP trunking, your prospective customers could be companies in many different sectors. However, some types of business may find your product offering particularly tempting, so it's worth targeting these companies first. For example, new or expanding SMEs require scalable telecommunications solutions which can be adapted rapidly to suit their changing needs. As SIP trunks are digital products, it's a quick and simple process to add more.

3) Explain The Benefits Of SIP Trunking To Your Prospects

The world of telecommunications can be bewildering to outsiders. Make sure that each prospect understands exactly what SIP trunking is and how utilising this technology could benefit their company. Find out what system they are using now, how well it's meeting their current needs, and what their priorities are for the future.

If they're still using ISDN lines, for example, your first task should be to tell them why they need to make a change sooner rather than later. Companies working to tight budgets, meanwhile, might appreciate the fact that systems using SIP trunks attract lower installation and maintenance costs, as they don't require large amounts of hardware in order to work. Your SIP trunk wholesaler may be able to provide your staff with training and/or marketing material so you can promote their product more effectively.

Next Steps

Sysconfig are always looking for new supply partners for our premium white label telecoms products, so if you're considering becoming a SIP trunking reseller, please get in touch. We are an established company with a wealth of experience, and have ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 accreditation.

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