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What Features To Look For In A Cloud-Based PBX?

A cloud-based PBX needs to have a host of handy features if it's to meet the needs of today's service and data-driven businesses.

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If you're a telecoms reseller, that means that you need to select software that has the functionality that potential clients will be looking for. So, which features should make your "must-have" list?

Practical Call Management Features

The key purpose of having a telecoms system in place is to enable staff and clients to communicate effectively by phone. Therefore, a good cloud-based PBX will have a range of features to make the process efficient and hassle-free, such as:

  • Call pickup – Allows staff to pick-up other people's phones when they are ringing.
  • Call transfer – Enables staff members to transfer calls to colleagues.
  • Call block – Can block calls from specific numbers or send them to voicemail automatically.

If your cloud-based PBX software includes these types of features, your clients can ensure that their callers are directed to the appropriate people quickly, and minimise the amount of time their employees waste dealing with wrongly directed or nuisance calls.

Features To Enhance End-User Experience

In order to satisfy your clients, you need to be able to empower them to provide their customers with a seamless user experience. Therefore, look for features that will appeal to people calling your clients. These could include:

  • Voicemail – Allows customers to leave messages if their calls aren't answered.
  • Announcements – Enables firms to provide callers with pre-recorded messages about opening hours, special offers, billing options and more.
  • On hold messages and music – Provides callers with something to listen to while their call is in a queue.
  • Auto attend – Directs callers to the most appropriate team, reducing the amount of time that your client's staff have to spend redirecting calls.
  • Call Queuing - Allows users to be queued whilst waiting for an operator. To be played on hold music, sales promotions, or for the queue to ring them back when an operator is available.


Features For In-House Convenience

Any Cloud PBX software provider that you partner with should also offer features that make life easier for your clients and their employees. For example, your clients may appreciate:

  • Time of day routing – With this feature, your clients will be able to programme their calls to go to set destinations on particular dates, days of the week, or hours of the day. This will reduce the likelihood of their callers getting no response out of office hours.
  • Conferencing capability – This will provide your clients with access to teleconference "rooms" and give them the ability to add, remove, and monitor conference attendees.
  • Regulation-compliant call recording – This will allow your clients to record calls in a way that complies with industry regulations.


What Next?

Our Cloud PBX software is packed with useful features to delight your clients and their customers. To find out more about what we can offer, book a meeting with one of our friendly advisors now.

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