Cloud PBX

Sysconfig’s Cloud PBX Platform: Hosted Telephony With Enterprise-Level Features
Sysconfig’s Cloud PBX platform is a virtual phone system which you can offer to your customers on a wholesale/white label basis. Our platform:

  • Allows teams to work remotely
  • Integrates with CRM systems
  • Is scalable for any growing business
  • Is robust and reliable


BT’s ISDN Switch Off – What This Means To You
Many small and medium sized businesses around the UK still rely on physical ISDN lines coming in to their business. These lines will be switched off by BT in 2025, giving a deadline to every business still using these lines.
This, along with the drive for remote working, is creating fast growth in Cloud PBX and VOIP telephony.

You can get involved in this market, and offer this valuable service to your customers, to increase your revenue and benefit your customers.

Our Cloud PBX Features
The Sysconfig platform is scalable, flexible and easy to implement. We also only make it available via our resellers/partners, so your customers can’t go direct to the source – in other words, we don’t compete with you.

The platform is already well developed and feature rich, and as a partner we can work together to further develop the platform for the changing needs of the marketplace. 

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Features of the Sysconfig Cloud PBX platform include:

Call Pickup

Collect calls ringing on other users phones by using this feature, the below are supported.
• Ring Group
• Extension
• Call centre Agents

Busy Lamp (Presence)

See the status of users on softphones and their BLF on hard devices
• Extension
• Softphone

Call Transfer

Supported across all devices and softphone applications
• Blind
• Attended

Call Barge (Eavesdrop)

To support staff, the office apprentice or jump in on a call that sounds like it is going in the wrong direction use the PIN secured call barge feature. Supports the following options: –
• Listen in
• Speak to operator only
• Speak to both parties

Intercom / Group Paging

Allows you to speak to a group of extensions in the intercom group using the phones loudspeaker. (Great for when the sandwich van is here!)

Soft Phone

Often a great option for call centres or home workers rather than having a physical phone, our soft phone provides the flexibility of calls from any internet connected location across all the popular operating systems and mobile devices. Using a simplified provisioning process to ensure users can be deployed with less support


Put callers through to announcements for things such as opening hours and marketing messages or put an announcement on an inbound call to reflect time of day. These can be injected anywhere in the system.

Auto Attendant

The Auto Attendant is a tool to guide callers to the correct team in the business so that they are dealt with efficiently; equally your team are not answering calls that they cannot support effectively.

Ring Groups

Build ring groups to call the team, ring group name presentation is supported allowing you to have multiple groups and display the group name to the members on their phone interface.

Time Conditions

Time of day routing allows you to set the destination of an inbound call based on the time/date or day of the week including bank holidays and public holidays. All UK bank holidays are preloaded and simple to set with a click of a button.

Fax to Email to Fax

The ability to sendreceive fax’s by email rather than a fax machine will help save expensive consumables and filter any junk that is sent to your business, with the added benefit of being able to email that document to an outbound fax service and send emails to some ones fax machine.


Voicemail is provided on failure to answer for extensions that support failover or can be routed to directly (i.e. Time of day routing for OOH)

On Hold Music / Message

Custom on hold music or message can be uploaded to the system so when you place a customer on hold, they hear your custom music or marketing message.This can also be streamed from a service or server e.g. A radio station plays their broadcast whilst the caller is on hold.

FSA & PCI Compliant Call recording

All call recordings are by default saved for 60 days and included in the basic extension price, however greater retention can be specified, and all additional storage will be charged on a per GB basis.
1min recording = 0.25MB
Customers can download bulk call recordings for a specified time period.
Ability for agents to pause and resume recording in the call when taking payment card details.


The conference service provides a single number for a client to dial for multiple conference rooms.These rooms can be monitored through the web portal with the following features: –
• See who is in the conference
• Mute all
• Remove people from the conference
• Enable/disable call recording
• Enable/disable announcements


Log in/out functionality on the phones to enable hot-desking. DDIs stay with the user logged in and not with the phone.

Call Block

Calls can be blocked or forwarded to voicemail based on their caller ID.

CLI Presentation

We support the presentation of any number on the platform that has been registered on the address database for that company, also present number with-held.

All area DDI’s supplied

Interconnected with BT Wholesale we can source all area codes in the UK with a few exceptions. Each user/extension is allocated a DDI as part of the service, additional DDI’s can be added at a charge per ddi.

UK and International Number Porting

We support all major carriers in the UK and are also able to support numbers in over 60 countries around the globe. Our primary UK interconnect is BT Wholesale’s IPEX service.

Online Administrator / User Portal

Users have access to a web portal to fully manage their phones. Users can also access CDRs and Call recordings. This is a permissions-based system that can be assigned to branches/managers/users super admins restricting what people can see and change. Every transaction is logged for audit purposes.

Access To 999 Services

All customers have access to 999 services and all addresses logged against the client are stored and used to keep the emergency database up to date.**The phones do not work in a power cut and alternative arrangements may be required in this event**

API Extensions

API extensions are used to interact with several outbound dealer systems for automated call centre function.

WLR 4 (SIP Trunks)

A replacement for ISDN giving a higher level of functionality and flexibility, layer on call recording time of day routing and other services. Clients also use this in tandem with hosted seats at remote sites to deliver one system.

Voice Policies

Voice policies can be used to restrict certain users to low cost calls. This can limit certain extensions to call types as per the calling matrix.

Credit Limits

Default Credit limits are set on the platform per user and per company, this helps to highlight high call charges and even prevent them from exceeding a given level. Fully configurable in the portal with alerts and ultimately call barring.

Auto Provision Devices

Auto provision of the devices ensures the security and uniformity of all devices on the platform, we can update software as and when required and all changes made through the portal are pushed to the handsets. Greatly reduces client roll out time and ongoing support.

Alternative CLI

You can set your phone to call out as different numbers at the click of a button or by using a short code. Useful if you wish to represent multiple companies or have different numbers for areas of your business.

Fraud Prevention

Not really a feature however an integral part of the system, our platform is constantly reviewing calling types and patterns to identify Toll fraud, sadly still common place in our industry. We have several triggers and 24/7 monitoring that will ultimately shut down an extension or a customer site to help prevent high value fraud being committed. The most common attack is through a phone that is on a compromised network and is one of the drivers behind wanting all phones auto provisioned. unless you manage a customer’s WAN it must be considered hostile as the IT person will wriggle when there is a £5k phone fraud someone should pay for, although we always aim to stop that long before then.