Contact Centre

Cloud Contact Centre/Call Centre Capabilities
Sysconfig’s cloud telephony platform has enterprise level contact centre features which are affordable and available for small businesses, including:

  • Create agents and call queues
  • Call listening and call recording for training and monitoring purposes
  • Wallboards which can be run via a URL on a smart TV – no need for a PC
  • Desktop app – allowing users to handle calls from their desktop
  • CRM integration


How Your Customers Can Benefit
Your customers may already use features like this from either a hosted solution or, more likely, a physical phone system. By switching to Sysconfig, which is quick and easy to do, your customers can reduce costs, improve reporting and get better integrations with other systems – all of which improves productivity.

Many of your customers would value these features, but have never even considered them, assuming they would be expensive and ‘for bigger businesses’ only. This is a great opportunity for you to introduce them to a solution which can help them improve their business.

Contact Centre Features
Our contact centre features are developing and improving all the time, and as a partner/reseller we can work together to continue to develop the platform to meet the changing needs of the market.

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Our features include:

Queuing Actions

• Least active agents
• Round robin
• Sequential by agent order
• Sequential by agent tier and order
• Ring all
• Agent with least talk time
• Agent with fewest calls
• Random

Tiered Queues

Allows skills based routing so that a primary skilled agent is called in the first instance, but if availability or time frames are broken the call will be passed to the next available agent who may have a different skill set or knowledge level. Classically 1st 2nd 3rd line support, if all the first line team are on a call it falls over to the second line team. the object is to get the clients issue resolved ASAP and have minimum delay from dialling to support.

Abandoned Resume

Allow callers who have dropped out of the queue to return at the same position that they left, useful for customers on mobiles. This feature can also be used to cycle people through various announcements to keep them informed and on hold.


For agents to login and out of queues and set themselves on breaks. There is auto logout on x number of missed calls and wrap up times to ensure workloads are managed effectively.
The ability to add custom break codes based on your team’s activity. This can then be reported on to show availability of Agents for a given day or week, also can be used as part of wallboard agent ranking settings.

Supervisor Control

Simple interface to manage agents and move them between queues, access to voice recordings and edit or change recorded messages that customers will hear.

Base Score

This enables you to manage queues based on importance, if you have a sales queue and a support queue supported by the same team and you wish sales calls to take precedence then a higher base score on the sales team will deliver these call in front of the support calls.

Caller ID Prefix

Shows the name of the queue to the agent on inbound call.


Email alerts to supervisors for unanswered or dropped calls with all call details included. Alerts for long call duration, if you know each call should last around 3 mins but they are lasting 5, get an alert so you can investigate or drop in on a call to see what is being struggled with.

Position in Queue

Announce to caller their position in the queue.

Auto Logout

Auto logout agents at a specific time each night to ensure stats are correct.