Maximizing Business Communication with Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)

Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions, designed to empower your business with seamless communication experiences. In today's dynamic work environment, where remote working is on the rise, having the ability to combine your desk phone capabilities with mobile flexibility is crucial. With our FMC solutions, you can take your desk phone with you, access call data remotely, and enhance the productivity of your mobile workforce.

What is Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)? Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) represents a transformative approach to modern communication. It is about bridging the gap between your traditional desk phone and your mobile device, ensuring that you can stay connected and accessible no matter where you are. Our FMC solutions turn your smartphone into a powerful extension of your desk phone, allowing you to enjoy all the features and visibility of call data, even when working remotely.

Benefits of FMC for Remote Working: Desk Phone in Your Pocket: With our FMC solutions, your desk phone is not confined to your office. Carry its features in your pocket and use them wherever your work takes you.

Enhanced Visibility of Call Data: Our FMC solutions provide real-time access to call data, allowing you to monitor calls, track performance metrics, and ensure top-notch communication, even when working remotely.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce: FMC enables your remote workforce to collaborate efficiently, access essential call analytics, and maintain a professional presence, no matter their location.

Seamless Integration with Fixed Phones: Our FMC solutions seamlessly integrate your mobile device with your fixed desk phone. This integration brings the following advantages:

  • Unified Communication Solutions: Enjoy unified communication across your mobile and fixed devices for an efficient workflow.
  • Virtual Desk Phone on Mobile: Transform your mobile into a virtual desk phone, complete with all the features you rely on in the office.
  • Monitor Remote Call Quality: Ensure call quality and performance, even when your team members are working remotely, with our remote call monitoring solutions.

Remote Work Communication Tools: Our FMC solutions are part of a suite of remote work communication tools that can enhance your team's productivity and connectivity. Discover communication apps, call data analytics, and collaboration solutions designed to support your remote workforce's needs.

Conclusion: Embrace the future of communication with our Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solutions. Stay connected, boost productivity, and enjoy enhanced visibility of call data, all while working remotely or on the go. Empower your mobile workforce with seamless communication tools that bridge the gap between your desk phone and mobile device. Contact us today to learn more about how FMC can transform your business communication.

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Features & Benefits

Call Recording

Every call made by the mobile (both inbound and outbound) can be recorded

Short Dial Extensions

Use extension numbers to dial colleagues in the office or on other mobiles

Desk Phone Twinning

Mobile and desk phone working as one in or out of the office

Extensive Reporting

Report on all activity of your roaming workers


Retain control of mobile numbers or issue a geo number for salespeople, maintaining control of customer interactions

Simple Plans

Call bundles form part of the corporate group, with simple data plans

ALL PBX Features

All features of our PBX are available to mobile users

No Desk Phone

If your business is mainly mobile, why not have a mobile only workforce with all the advantages of a PBX

One Bill

Receive one single bill for telecoms usage per user